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Terms of Use

All music loops presented on this site are Royalty Free. By 'Royalty Free' we mean that you can purchase a music loop and you are granted a non-exclusive license to use this music loop as many times as you want and however you want. This license is valid for 100 years.

Examples of acceptable Royalty Free use would be websites, corporate presentations, trade show presentation, flash animations for the internet, interactive kiosks, etc.

There are 3 exceptions to the above definition of Royalty Free:
1. You may not resell or re-license the product in it's original form or in a derived form. For example you may not buy this product and then re-license or sell this product to another party as a music loop. You may not take this music loop, add some beats and/or vocals and resell it as your own music. These are examples of derived products where the final product is similar in nature to the orginal music loop. You may use the loop in your website or presentation or game and then re-sell these products because these are entirely different products.

2. Mass Production: If you intend using a loop in a physical or electronic product that needs to be duplicated more than 1000 times, you need to purchase a High Volume License which costs an additional $200 per music loop. An example would be using a music loop in a game that is available for download or on any electronic media. Or using the music loop in a training CDROM that will be duplicated 1000 times or more.

3. Broadcast: If you intend using a loop in a Movie, Radio or TV commercial or for any public broadcast application, you need to purchase a High Volume License which costs an additional $200 per music loop.

If you have a situation where you are not sure, just send us an email at info@loopengine.com and we will be glad to clarify.

Once a loop is downloaded, no refunds can be provided.
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